This is the sister site of Society For Economic Gamers. The purpose of this list is to take an alternative approach to ranking economic games in order to be more inclusive. However, the procedure of ratings is still as objective as possible. If you have any game suggestions or corrections email me. Keep in mind I am one person compiling this list, so often I will understand a game only as far as what information is provided about it online. If you feel any of the ratings are incorrect contact me with your opinion and any information you can provide to verify it. sgamer48@gmail.com

RTG: rating
IND: industry
FIN: finance
MSC: miscellaneous

The industrial rating of a game here is similar to that of SFEG, but is less generalized. A game with a 0 IND rating must have at least some type of trading of resources or goods taking place.

The financial rating of a game here is similar to that of SFEG, but also includes static financial elements. If a game has at least 1 dynamic financial element as defined by SFEG it will receive a FIN rating of 3, if it has all 3 it will receive a FIN rating of 5. If a game has only static financial features it will receive a 0 through 2 FIN rating based on how many it has. It is important to note that share trading based purely on luck will not count. A game must have at least 1 static financial feature to receive a 0 FIN rating.

The section is the same as bonus features granted by SFEG but with 1 addition. A game will receive an additional 1 MSC rating if it takes place on a grid with relatively equal spaces and multiple rows and columns, or in an isometrical or three dimensional world. The purpose of this inclusion is that this feature greatly enhances the realism for an economic environment.

For more information on game mechanics visit the SFEG website: Society For Economic Gamers